Strategic mission of Online-X:

Provide opportunity to create a knowledge
in the context of online multimedia meeting and discussions of several participants,
to provide live experience to a participant on the context of opinions and knowledge presented and/or commented by participants.
The Online-X compliant meetings should address topics of common social, cultural, scientific or business interest of participants.

Operations of the Online-X site and related 4 main service domains:
Service provider: e-Content Store Sarl with seat in G.D. Luxembourg (established in 2014, specialized on online content promotion and brokerage, EUVAT:LU20361774)
The Service provider will not operate neighter deliver any Online-X compliant and meeting. Can participate on the delivery of the meeting only based on request of Meeting providers

Professional platform for Online-X development:
Linkedin group: CLEVER Social networks:

You are welcome to join the group to develop the Online-X concept together.

Online-X architecture

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Weekly new knowledge ranking

Language: English
Date: 11.05.2020
C-Value/Strength: 71,5% / 74 votes
Provider: TeleDom Online
Meeting Link:
Language: English
Date: 23.05.2020
C-Value/Strength: 83.5% / 34 votes
Provider: BTEC
Meeting Link:
Language: English
Date: 11.05.2020
C-Value/Strength: 73.5% / 74 votes
Provider: TeleDom Online
Meeting Link:
Language: English
Date: 23.05.2020
C-Value/Strength: 71.1% / 94 votes
Provider: TeleDom Online
Meeting Link:
Language: English
Date: 18.05.2020
C-Value/Strength: 70.5% / 74 votes
Provider: BTEC
Meeting Link:

Best speakers of the week

Comprehensive Presentation of the EU perspective. TeleDom Online meeting 4. May 2020.

Presentation of change crowd sourcing in the EU perspective meeting of TeleDom Online

Presentation of  Home office preference assessment schemes in the Meeting “Pracovné porstredie”

For his weekly overview of EU evolution trends

The top online-x event of the week

Online-X content providers and sponsors will submit to this portal their (a) meeting resources, (b) votes taken (c) video link to the meeting record.

Eligibility criteria to qualify for Online-X meeting:

  1. Minimum number of participants eligible for CLEVER value assessment of the meeting : 30
  2. Meeting Agenda resources must be accessible to participants before the meeting.
  3. Multimedia record and resources presented or updated must be available at least 3 years after the meeting
  4. Presenting and commenting participants must be identified by Social network name or by E-mail and their camera open when speaking
  5. Each meeting must end-up with at least one vote on at least one opinion presented and discussed.
  6. Not identified participants (anonymous observers) cannot comment neither vote.


The CLEVER Value

shall express the credibility of the knowledge (opinion on a subject) based on the results of voting(s) of meeting participants. Value range from 0  to 100, where:
0= the opinion is not credible at all. Example: an article published in a media without any response to it or without any proof of verified evidence and/or reference to credible sources.

100= the opinion or statement is very credible. Example: 100 identified participants, all of them voted with YES on the opinion at least on Three(3) ONLINE-X compliant meetings with different meeting audience

Opinion voted is accepted if at least 51% of eligible participants voted with Yes.

Computation of CLEVER Values of an Online-X compliant event:

N= Number of meeting participants  (example: 100)
Ox= Number of opinions voted during the meeting (2)
OVx= Number of voters voted in Ox (50, 70)
OVy= Number of Yes votes in Ox (40, 60)

Cx=(OVy/OVx)*100  C= 100*Sum(OVy/OVx)/Ox

C1=(40/50)*100=80% …  NOT accepted because participation 40/100= 40%  below 51%
C2=(60/80)*100=75% …  Accepted, voters above threshold.

Overall meeting CLEVER value C= MAX(C1, C2)=75

Summary: The CLEVER value criteria are stimulating the meeting organizers to:
– invite relevant  and active audience for opinions to be voted
– propose and clearly communicate opinions of common interest of participants